Day of Pink 2013

Day of Pink 2013

If there is one thing that I love the most about my company, it is their commitment to diversity and community.

I took part in the Day of Pink today:

Day of Pink is the international day against bullying, discrimination and homophobia in schools and communities. We invite everyone to celebrate diversity on April 10th by wearing pink clothing – a pink shirt, a blouse, a tie. Even pink socks will do!

Have you ever seen a friend hurt because of discrimination or bullying? 
Have you been hurt yourself? Have your children? 
Bullying is a significant health issue, and has long term negative impact on the development of relationships. We need to care because children have the right 
to a safe and healthy environment. Their future depends on our willingness to 
protect them, and to enable them to grow unburdened with fear and anxiety.
Whether it is at work, at home, or in other social situations, bullying and 
harassment can also victimize adults, including our colleagues, peers and 
family members.
Mostly, participate in Day of Pink to celebrate the diversity among us and 
to promote respect and inclusion in schools, at work, and elsewhere. 

I often think of bullying, discrimination and homophobia as people just being really big assholes to other people. I have never understood how someone could be outwardly mean to another human. It’s a day like today that I am proud to work for a company that stands up for everyone. It’s a day like today that I am proud to have Christian values and choose to treat everyone with equal dignity and respect. 

I may not have been “bullied” growing up, but I was certainly made fun of. The term “thunder thighs” in middle school seems to ring a bell. Kids were fricking mean. I want so terribly to raise my son to be a loving, sweet boy. I want him to know that he has to be nice to his friends. I want to shield him from anyone being mean to him. I would do anything to protect him. Anything. 

My day of pink: 

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