Mixed Bag of Rant

Mixed Bag of Rant

Finally, this crazy week comes to a close.

I thought I should mention after my Valentine’s rant, that I did receive my flowers, delivered a day late, and dead. One of my lowest days yet this year and my sweet husband absolutely saved the day. I came home from work with my dead flowers in hand and sitting on the table was a gorgeous basket full of yellow and pink flowers with a card in it. It was so sweet of him to do something special. To top it off, I walked into my office and there laid a single long-stemmed red rose. Absolutely made my night. My advice to all? For Valentine’s Day, be creative, be thoughtful… don’t try and order flowers (especially from FTD.com) on the busiest flower day of the whole year.

Rant #2: Dental Hygiene. Okay, so I’ll admit, I was terrible about getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist for many years. I have good oral hygiene- I brush my teeth, floss, gargle… so I’m not quite sure how so many problems came up. In the past month I have had 4 fillings, 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed, and am now sitting here with a tooth infection that is by far worse than any injury I have ever endured. So I have to wonder, was it worth it to go through all this pain, when they weren’t bothering me? Would they have ever bothered me? I guess I’ll never know. So I’ll sit her on this fine Saturday, take my strong antibiotics and vicodin and dream about the day when I’ll be able to eat a meal without excruciating pain.

Rant #3: 2006 Baby Boom. Goodness gracious. Everyone around me is having babies. Or does it just seem that way because I want one so badly?

For this month’s Chick Flick Pick, me and the girls at work went to see Brokeback Mountain. We wanted to know what the Oscar buzz was all about and well, we were curious. You just never know about some of the arty favorites in the Oscars, they can somehow be… disturbing. This movie wasn’t disturbing at all. The character development was fantastic- they went from roughneck cowboys to men with feelings and a sensitivity like no other. Visually, it was a stunning movie- I wanted to head to Brokeback myself and go hiking and camping. For all those guys who are terrified of seeing this movie… For crying out loud. Suck it up, be a man, and go see this flick. There were only about 5 minutes out of the two hour movie that were barely even uncomfortable to watch. Heck, I even get a little embarrassed about watching a man and woman sex scene in a public movie theatre. Besides- how many opportunities would you have to see The Princess Diaries boobies? It was a story about love of course, but also about making difficult decisions during a time in history where homosexuality was not accepted. Just think- we have the new “You had me at hello” line in “I wish I knew how to quit you”. This is definitely one of the more important movies of our time- very well done and very well acted. 3 Cheers for this flick!

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