E! News & Reality Rant

E! News & Reality Rant

I am sitting here watching E! News Tuesday on the E channel. Why you ask? To be perfectly honest, I cannot even begin to explain my obsession with getting my Hollywood fix every day. My husband thinks I’m crazy, walks by rolls his eyes, and yes even watches it with me at times!! Why I should care what Jessica Simpson went shopping for or listening for Angelina’s bump alert? Especially since these people absolutely annoy the hell out of me. OH you poor famous people getting chased by the paparazzi. OH poor Gwyneth and her giant bikini bump and your bazillion dollar trip to Mexico. I think the only reason I can think of to watch this crap is because the stuff that goes on in the real world is just too depressing. I can only take a 1/2 hour of local death, murder, and robberies in a day. P.S. I chose this picture because I know how much my husband adores Ryan Seacrest HAHAHAH!!

As far as reality TV… oh boy. This really slays me. I actually started watching The Bachelor back when uber wealthy and adorable Andrew Firestone was on. I knew this crap couldn’t be real when he picked uber bitch Jen or whatever her name is to be his wife and of course she dumped him. THEN The Bachelor people actually gave her another chance on The Bachelorette and she dumped some other poor sucker! She wasted six weeks of my life. She gives women a bad name and I hope she stays single forever. Does this explain why I watch this stupid show? No. I absolutely love watching the chicks fight over a guy they’ve only known for 2 hours. I think it makes me feel better to know that I have never been that stupid or made that much of a desperate ass out of myself in my entire life. My other guilty pleasures include watching the C-list celebs make asses out of themselves by skating and dancing. I’m not certain what the point is yet other than the fact they suckered me in to watching their crap. The only one I have just cause to watch is American Idol. As a talented, singer/nobody myself, it gives me great joy to see how far these people can go. I love music and love great singing even more. I’ve even picked up the phone to vote!!! Among my personal favorites: Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken (yeah he’s a freak, but damn he can sing), Kimberley Locke, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice, and my all-time favorite to date, Carrie Underwood. A bunch of nobodys like me who love to sing with no hope of going anywhere outside of the shower with their voice and they have all made albums. Big round of applause for these worthy reality stars!!

Oh, I have to throw in one last comment… I REALLY despise that Dog the Bounty Hunter show. UUUUUUGH!!!!!! WTF? No more reality please! We’ve had enough!

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