Mixed Bag of Movie Review

Mixed Bag of Movie Review

Approximately a year ago, me and another gal from started what is now known as “Chick Flick Night”. We were both complaining about all the movies that guys never want to go see, otherwise known as the dreaded “Chick Flick”. I can probably count on one hand the number of times my husband has actually gone to see one of these so-called dreaded movies with me. So, we started our little clique and decided that we would once a month pick a movie to go see that no guy would ever want to see. Our movie list includes: Princess Diaries 2, Ice Princess, Monster In Law, The Family Stone, In Her Shoes, Brokeback Mountain, and most recently: Failure to Launch.

This movie, certainly not destined to win any Oscars, was O.K. Some admitted laugh out loud moments, but mostly a sort of weak story line, Matthew McCoughnaghy’s abs, Sarah Jessica Parker’s horse face and giant mole-like thing on her chin, and yes, you heard it correctly: Terry Bradshaw’s ass. Here’s the story line- it’s a story about a 35 year old guy who is unwilling to move out of his parent’s house. They still do his laundry, make his meals, pack a lunch and he uses as his biggest excuse to break up with every woman he starts to get serious about. His parents want him gone. They then hire “Paula” who is an interventionist trained in getting men to move out of their parents’ houses. As you can probably guess, Paula falls for the 35 year old guy and doesn’t get a chance to tell him before he finds out that his parents paid for her. Blah Blah Blah, they fight, he deciedes to move out, she wants to move away and their weird friends somehow get them back together. Typical typical typical- I knew how it was going to end almost before it started.

Point of my story? I didn’t go for the story. I went to see it for Matthew! Yum.

I give this movie the following stars: 5 stars for Matthew’s abs, 1 star for the story, and 3 stars for making me laugh at some of the absolutely ridiculous antics.

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