Idol Recap

Idol Recap

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It is time for my Idol Recap! I know, thank you… hold the applause…

Taylor Hicks: I’m a Taylor fan, but he bored me to tears tonight.
Mandisa: Not a country girl.
Elliot Yamin: I think he’s talented, but he bored me too.
Ace Young: More like Ace YUM. I thought he did better than usual. Is that a TWIN brother? My goodness do they look alike.
Kellie Pickler: WILL SHE PLEASE GO AWAY!!! I cannot stand her. Carrie Underwood already exists- stop trying to be her. Oh, and stop being stupid.
Chris Daughtry:
Ahhhh Chris. He needs to win.
Katharine McPhee: She’s awesome. If she goes home this week and Kellie Pickler stays I will stop watching because whoever is calling in for Kellie needs to take the earplugs out.
Bucky Covington: GO FAR FAR AWAY!!! YOU’RE NASTY!!!
Paris Bennett:
Okay. I had forgotten her. What does that mean?? Her song was just O.K. tonight. For 16 that girl can fricken sing. Plus she’s got Edina, MN roots so she must be o.k.

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