American Idol Recap– April 11-12, 2006

American Idol Recap– April 11-12, 2006

Although I am currently watching the results show, I of course have to give my two cents of last night’s performance. Firstly- since when is Queen so arrogant? Who the hell are they to turn their nose in the air? Say it together now: HAS BEENS. I thought they were sort of rude to everyone. Yeah, AI is sorta lame, but geesh- if you actually want people to attend your current tour, you might not want to piss off 22 million American Idol viewers by knocking the show and its performers.

Bucky Covington: Bucky sang Fat Bottom Girl. I of course could not understand a single word because the guy hasn’t learned what diction means from his AI vocal coaches. On top of that. He looks like a CHICK. It really is time for this guy to go home.

Ace Young: I’ve made it clear, I think Ace is pretty hot. As far as his performance goes? He totally bores me. He’ll make bottom 3 this week. He won’t go home, but he will soon.

Kelly Pickler: EEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH I cannot stand her. I wish she’d get laryngitis. I wish someone would unearth some horrible secret about her so she’d get kicked off. She absolutely destroyed Bohemian Rhapsody. She looked awful. I’m so sick of her stupid, dumb, ditzy thing. America. PLEASE VOTE HER OFF!!! SHE SUCKS!!! I told my husband last night- if she wins American Idol I will never watch the show again.

Chris Daughtry: I’ve been rooting for this guy. It is rock ‘n roll’s turn to have an American Idol this year. I still want him to win, but I have to admit, all his shit sounds the same. I’m a little bored. Someone needs to tell the people in makeup that they are making him look ridiculous!!!! His eyeliner was so bad that I couldn’t even watch him.

Katharine McPhee: I do think Katharine has one of the best vocals in the competition. Her week was a little shaky but I think she’s great! Gotta cheer for the girl who actually has vocal training!

Elliott Yamin: I’m sad- he’s in the bottom 3. The guy can seriously freakin sing. He’s funny lookin though. Did anyone see the serious amount of saliva in his mouth tonight when he was singing? Ew.

Taylor Hicks: I LOVE TAYLOR. He’s in my top two. He is unique, fun and authentically talented.

Paris Bennett: Okay- I’ve been on the fence about Paris- until this week. Goodness gracious she has a kick ass voice (doesn’t hurt that she is a MN native!!). She was fab this week. She didn’t look as much like a pug this week either. What was with the outfit though??

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And… this week’s loser is….BUCKY!!! WHOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!

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