What About Brian?

What About Brian?

What about Brian is right! WHAT about him? SO what?! For me, the jury is still out on this show. The pilot episode really did bore me to tears. I guess I appreciated a little bit of the background stories and the importance of developing their characters, but I felt like I had started watching a movie only I started it in the middle and had no idea whatsoever about what was going on. The show is essentially about Brian (duh), who is the last out of his “group” to be paired up and married off. The first official episode was much better- some funny moments with Dave and Deena attempting an open marriage and failing miserably, Nic and Angelo and a sperm bank, Brian sleeping with one girl and hooking up with her roommate the next morning, and Marjorie and Adam’s wedding fight (which is only funny because I actually lived that reality a year ago). I’m also not sure that the casting of “Brian” feels right. Barry Watson is cute, but he bugs a little.

Who doesn’t have someone in their group of friends who is the last person to hook up and get married? I can relate to this show on many levels: 1) Because I do know that friend. Only difference is he actually IS the nice guy and doesn’t get laid every night of the week by airheaded dim-wits. 2) Nic has a miscarriage in the pilot. A very timely subject for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… while it looks like this show kind of sucks right now, I think it does have potential. I’m hoping the love triangle of Brian/Adam/Marjorie doesn’t completly go on forever, and wait- lemme guess- the series will end when Brian finally ties the knot. I can see that coming a mile away!! I guess we’ll just have to WATCH!

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