American Idol Recap: American Standards

American Idol Recap: American Standards

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Once again, it is time for my IDOL RECAP. This week’s them was The Great American Songbook. As a very big fan of this genre, I was pretty excited to hear what the “Idols” had to offer this week. I have to say… for the most part I was impressed! Everyone did a fairly great job (with the exception of Kellie Pickler- she sucks rocks). As far as Rod Stewart, although he’s funky and a little weird, I like him.

So today’s show started off with a sort of weird dramatic entrance by Ryan Seacrest and then directly going right into the touchy feely meeting of the Idols with Rod Stewart. I found it interesting that everyone got little clips of their singing except for Ace- he got- a hug. Coincidence? I think not.

First up: Chris Daughtry. Chris sang What a Wonderful World and- I liked it! It was stylish and different and a nice departure from his typical wanna be Staind/Live type copying. I appreciated that he got rid of the eyeliner (and definitely appreciated that Ryan made reference to it- I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who noticed). I didn’t really get the vest he was wearing though- the nerd meets rock star thing just wasn’t working for me. Randy thought it was of course “da bomb”, Paula: blah blah (I wasn’t listening to her vacant ramblings), and Simon took all the credit for his change of pace and in surprise comment, said he loved it.

Number 2 for the night: Paris Bennett. Singing Billie Holiday’s Foolish Things, I was of course as blown away as when she did something similar in her audition. She was absolutely spectacular! My only question is: was she heading in for an executive job interview with that outfit? Randy thought she had the greatest night ever, Paula thinks she may have been born in that era (uh… math, Paula, math…), and yet ANOTHER surprise positive comment from Simon- stylish, cool, and terrific and that Paris “bewilders” him.

Our 3rd singer of the night: Taylor Hicks. His comment prior to the start of him singing was backwards: “Flattery is a form of humor”. Well maybe; however Taylor, I think you meant to say HUMOR is a form flattery. Anyway, besides the nervous babbly response to what was a stupid question by Ryan anyway, he sang You Send Me and he was FABulous. Good ol’ Taylor was back tonight and quite impressive. Randy said that he was keeping it real, Paula said he was in the zone (hopefully she didn’t confused him with Britney Spears??), and Simon said it went from what he thought was lame cabaret to magic.

As a brief interlude: they then panned to a little girl holding a sign that said: “Ryan will you be our brother” WTF?

Next up: Elliott Yamin. Okay- I can’t stand it anymore, the Lord of the Rings elf ears severely bother me. On top of that he did a sort of odd lounge lizard thing this week. Perhaps in a desperate attempt to win voters? I just can’t get past the fact that he is odd looking. Amazing singer. Weird Weird Weird. I thought his thing tonight was boring. Randy said it was… nice. Paula tried to tie some stupid comparison to contemporizing the song and something about Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. Simon, mirroring my own thoughts, said he was boring and should plan on going home tomorrow, OH and that he has zero personality.

OH boy my favorite: Kellie Pickler. Firstly, my link to Kellie Pickler here, was about one and a million blogs RIPPING on Kellie Pickler. The way she spoke to Rod Stewart? Stupid! Dumb! WTF? As a musician myself, I liked Rod’s little joke- when she said she needed the words, he said “How about the lyrics?” Kellie responded, “What?” as in Duh? Hello? Then she made some comment about him taking a load off of her chest? I will again utter the words: I HATE STUPID PEOPLE. She sang Betwitched, Bothered, & Bewildered. I’m shocked she even knew how to say those words. It was in a word. TERRIBLE. This week’s theme did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do: separate the REAL singers from the ones who have been faking it all this time. You can’t fake this style of music! She fell flat on her face and it was wonderful. Randy said it was pitchy, Paula said she looked beautiful (ahem- NOTHING about her voice), and Simon said it was boring and that she needn’t bother with Bewitched & Bothered, but Bewildered. Heh! Can she please be in the bottom 3 this week? PLEASE?

Next: Ace Young. Hated the new look. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I thought he looked greasy and smarmy. As if he might actually TAKE a 16 year old to her prom- if you know what I mean. He sang That’s All. Heh. That’s all I have to say! It was pitchy and the creepy lip tremble at the end of the song was… well just that- it was creepy and it bugged me. Randy said it was weird in the middle but that his falsetto is $$ (HUH?? I was thinking it needed to go), Paula I missed because my husband was distracting me with something dumb, although I’m sure I didn’t miss much, and Simon in the MOST surprising comment of the night said although it was nasal that it was charming (???). WTF? I’m ready for Ace to go buh-bye.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, and my personal favorite: Katharine McPhee. She sang Someone to Watch Over Me and it was, in a word: stunning. I agree whole heartedly with Simon: she’s an old pro and was in another league and most importantly that she made the other contestants look like good AMATEURS. I will be GREATLY distressed and disappointed if for any reason she’s in the bottom 3. Especially if she’s in the bottom 3 and Kellie is sitting safe on the couch ready to spout out the next stupid comment.

All in all, an entertaining night of Idol! My predictions:
Bottom 3: Elliott Yamin, Kellie Pickler, Ace Young

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