XM Vacation

XM Vacation

We’ll start with this…

I may be the only person who has never heard this song, but when I did, I laughed my ass off. Not only was the song funny, but my husband knew EVERY WORD and even admitted owning the CD at one point in time. What’s my point? I LOVE XM RADIO!!!! Had I not come across channel 41 “The Boneyard” on XM I would’ve never heard of Green Jelly and had such a good laugh on my vacation. Last week, “Joe” and I took a vacation up to Minnesota’s North Shore. We stayed at a lakehome that was possibly nicer than our own house and had a fabulous time enjoying the cool lake air, hiking, and enjoying the various wildlife. On our way to most of this outdoor enjoyment XM was there in all its commercial-free glory. To put it bluntly, it has changed my life. I can always find something to listen to at one point or another. There is always a station to match my mood. My latest favorite? The 90’s. This morning I got to listen to Coolio, MC Hammer, and the Beastie Boys on my way to work. LOVE IT!!! Finally. No more falling asleep on my way to work. No more totally hating all rush hour traffic. I said it once, I’ll say it again: COMMERCIAL FREE!! There are one or two stations that appear to be testing the “dot com” commercials out. Pissed me off. I haven’t listed to those stations since. I still don’t look forward to my very long commute Monday through Friday, but at least, it has become tolerable.
I’ll post some pics soon! Meanwhile- here is come video of our little friend that we made during our trip:

Here’s a pic from our vacation home- there was a full moon over Lake Superior- it was awesome!

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