Secret Revealed: 25 Weeks and Counting

Secret Revealed: 25 Weeks and Counting

Despite my due date of December 31, it is pretty much common knowledge with my doctor and within my family that this baby will make an early appearance. I am feeling at 25 weeks that I can say that I am nearing the home stretch with just 12 (maybe 13 if I’m lucky) weeks to go.

As you all know, I am very anxious to get this baby out of my belly and into my life.

I feel like I have grown tremendously in the last few weeks, going from adorable baby bump to, holy shit that chick is super preggers. My discomforts have increased- nausea, digestive, insomnia, pelvic pain, fatigue… (I’m sure I can think of more). My emotions are a roller coaster and nobody is safe- I have just endured a 2 day sad-fest and I’m not sure how to pull myself out of this emotional hole I dug myself into. I am very ready to get back to just being me again. The old Joanne just feels lost somewhere. I want her back! She was awesome!

I had my 1 hour glucose challenge test a week ago. Blah! Yuck! Okay, the drink itself doesn’t taste that bad (I chose fruit punch), but the after affects?? Ugh. I nearly fell asleep in the waiting room and suffered from a hellacious headache and nausea for the remainder of the day. I’m SO glad I chose to take the day off! The good news is that I passed it with flying colors! They wanted to see a level of less than 130 and mine was at 89. Not even close!! Yes! One less thing to worry about with this pregnancy. There was some bad news though- my iron levels are low and I am borderline anemic. It does explain a lot of my fatigue, dizziness and issues with concentration lately and thankfully, being iron anemic, there is a way to fix it. It means more iron in my diet (not to mention more tummy trouble). I am hoping that this resolves itself by my next checkup in October, because I REALLY don’t want to have to take iron supplements. Yuck. The baby girl is doing fantastic though. She is VERY busy- kicking me all the time. Some of the kicks are so sudden and so strong that they make me flinch! The husband still has yet to feel her kicking. Little stubborn girl likes to stop moving when he comes along. Hilariously, her big brother did the same thing. I think I was close to 35 weeks before he finally was able to feel him moving around.

On another note, we decided after a bit of deliberation that it was time to tell everyone baby girl’s name. We want to be able to talk about her freely and openly, especially around Jack (who we knew would NEVER be able to keep the secret). So at Jackson’s birthday party last weekend, he marched our family up the stairs one by one to show them the baby’s finished nursery, complete with her name decal. To my surprise and happiness, everyone loved her name (not that they would dare to criticize it otherwise unless they want to feel the wrath of my pregnant rage).

Haha- the name decal- before we decided to divulge the secret. And yes. Please. Someone buy me the matching changing table for the crib! 

Why do these decals always look so much taller on the websites?  It’s still perfect though and I love it. 

Her name is:
Mackenzie Marie.

I wish I had some big story for why I chose that name. There’s no grand meaning to it. Not even a hint of ancestry (it is a Scottish name which we are not). It just came to me one day and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I thought for sure my husband would give it the big veto, but to my surprise, he really liked it too and it just kind of stuck. I love being able to give her an identity before she is here with us. I talk to her every day, sing to her in the car and rock with her in the nursery telling her about allllll the time we are going to be spending together in there. I love that we have everything ready for her to come home to and feel like she is already so much a part of my world.

Here are some new belly pics!

24 Weeks- Cute Preggers

25 Weeks- Suddenly huge preggers

AND a little about Baby Mackenzie (who is measuring a little bigger than this):

I’m also SUPER DUPER excited that my mom is throwing me a baby shower! I know, I know… 2nd kid… bad etiquette to have another shower but hey- it’s been 5 years since I’ve had a baby around AND it is a different gender. I hope some ladies are able to show up!

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