Back To Life. Back To Reality

Back To Life. Back To Reality

Here I am with my monthly post! Ahhhh how much happens in one little month.

In August, Mr. Joe and I traveled to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

I have a few rants… After a perfect honeymoon in Jamaica, I’ll admit, expectations were high. We were treated like royalty as newlyweds and weren’t used to be commoners! The resort, the Iberostar Paraiso Maya was quite grand. So grand in fact it took us almost 25 minutes to make the trek down winding snake-like paths from our suite to the main lobby. There never seemed to be a good lounge chair location, and the beach also required a lengthy hike. The food was just so-so and the fear of Montezuma’s Revenge hung over our heads the entire time. Drinks were poor- they were incredibly watered down- you would think after a bottle of wine, a rum & coke, and 3 margaritas that one might have some semblance of a buzz? Oh no. I turned to Mr. Joe and said “Okay, what next?” If you did happen upon a good drink, it was only because you tipped the waitress or bartender. Uh… isn’t this an ALL-INCLUSIVE??? Geesh. Lastly, and yes, we realized we took this trip in August, but it was unbearably hot. So hot in fact that clothing was nearly pointless (completely pointless for some).

Now for the raves. The resort itself was quite pristine and kept up very well- the pools clean and the grounds spotless. Our suite was AMAZING. We had an enormous bathroom complete with dual sinks and a jacuzzi, a separate lounge area, and a balcony with a hammock. Right outside of our amazing suite was a private pool for the occupants of only our building. Considering the main pool was pretty impossible to be at considering the sheer amount of people at this place, it was nice to have this alternative. The french restaurant was the best meal we had- we went just the two of us and had the royal treatment. The flight- we were offered first class flights home! What could be better? Of course, the best part, we had the opportunity to share in the wedding of one of my husband’s oldest friends. It was one of the more beautiful weddings I have ever experienced and would strongly recommend a destination wedding over a traditional one. Here is a photo:

On a very sad note, my beloved Crocodile Hunter has died. Not only was this guy a seriously brilliant person, but he was hysterical. If I ever needed a cheering up, I would turn on the Crocodile Hunter and there he was: Steve Irwin as one with some of the most feared creatures on earth talking in that goofy accent. This man was amazing and the world should mourn this loss. RIP Steve Irwin. RIP. A tribute:

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