The Last Kiss- a Review

The Last Kiss- a Review

A little background about The Last Kiss…

The Last Kiss is a contemporary comedy-drama (in my opinion, more drama than comedy), about life, love, infidelity, forgiveness, marriage, and friendship… and coming to grips with turing 30.

I went to see The Last Kiss with the girls from work for our monthly “Chick Flick Night.” Perhaps it has been the overall mood of the week, but this movie severely depressed me!! I cried nearly the whole movie and wanted to kill Zach Braff’s character for being such a raging idiot and cheating on the woman who is carrying his baby! Yeah, that’s right, he went there! Rachel Bilson, whom he sleeps with, really sort of bugged me. I don’t care for her and not sure I ever will. She plays that slutty college girl that I hate now and hated back in college. The rest of the cast was stellar- Jacinda Barrett was fabulous. Overall, any movie that pulls the emotion out of me like this one did, is a great movie in my book. I wouldn’t recommend it to the single gals out there- it does NOT give a good portrayal of marriage.

Now for of course my personal view and comparison to my own life…

I would absolutely kill my husband if he did what this asshole did in the movie. Now, being the naive little girl I am, I am of course under the assumption that my husband loves me more than life itself and that he would never, but the movie does make you wonder- are you ever truly satisfied with your decisions? If you could’ve done things differently, would you? As for me, sure, I may have a fleeting thought and laugh about an ex, but so what. I chose my man. I chose him, I love him, and I have zero doubts. I wouldn’t change a thing about our life together.

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