Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Okay, so, perfect example of how quickly a woman’s mood can change on a dime. My post yesterday? You know, about the girl who made what I thought were not so supportive comments? Well, today, I feel absolutely terrible about saying that I wished a BFN on her. I don’t wish a BFN on ANYone who is TTC and desperately wanting a baby. I am a horrible, horrible person for saying so. Today, she posted that she took a test and it was BFN. Did I curse her? I feel awful!! Forgive me dear sweet community member! I wish you only truckloads of baby dust and double-line wishes.

I’m one to talk. I did test today and it was BFN. I was too ashamed to post in my one community because I was SO SURE that this was the month. It is however very early as I am only 10 dpo. So until this Saturday, I will refrain from POAS.

JoKo’s TTC Code of Honor

On my honor
I promise not to POAS
I promise not to scrutinize my every symptom
I promise not to be jealous of all the other pregnant girls in my online communities
I promise not to blame myself for a BFN
I promise not to blame my dear husband for a BFN
I promise not to let this get me down and to keep trying

P.S. Did I mention that we really want a little girl?

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