Faith Hill & My Broken Ass

Faith Hill & My Broken Ass

Okay, I just HAVE to post this because it is HILARIOUS!!!!! Faith Hill totally thinks she wins when in reality it is Carrie Underwood who takes home Best Female Artist. She freaks!!! I died laughing. I was watching this and so wish I had seen it happen live. What a bitch!!!!

ON another note. I am the clumsiest, klutziest person on the planet. In the past 2 weeks I have fallen down my stairs at home twice. Same place, same spot, same way. We’ll just say… feels like I’ve got a broken ass. Now, under normal circumstances, I would care less about this, however, 1) I cannot work out, or at least have any sort of intense work out without being in massive pain and 2) I am desperately trying to have a baby- the er… um… positions available for me at this point for baby making are more than slightly limited!!! Perhaps it is just not meant to be this month. A broken ovulation watch… ridiculous amounts of traveling… a broken ass… I have a feeling that November is pretty much out of the question this month. Which means… MORE WINE ON THANKSGIVNG FOR ME!!!

Happy Tuesday to my 39 peepers!! (Actually… it was probably just me logging in 39 times…).

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