No worries- Trump and Rosie have nothing to do with my trying to get pregnant! On that note, I just wanted to say that the whole fight between them is S-T-U-P-I-D. Trump is a big baby! Shut up and take the criticism like a man. Being ridiculed by TV personalities is part of being famous. UUUUUUUUGH just STFU both of you! IMHO- ROSIE IS RIGHT. That trampy Miss America should’ve been shit-canned for being such a stupid bitch. If I remember correctly, Miss America is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL not a drunken, coke whore. Oh, and nice come back to Rosie, Trump- “I’m going to send my friends to hit on your wife.” WTF is that??? LOL!!! OMG this whole thing annoys the living hell out of me. 99% I could give two shits about either of them so the fact this gets so much air play is beyond me. Nice free publicity Trump. Eat this: *1 finger salute*. Your show sucks.

As far as what is happening in my baby quest…

I went in for ultrasound #1 cycle #2 last Thursday. Big giant follie growing out of my right ovary. This last Monday (January 8th), I went in for my follow-up u/s- the follie was HUGE but hadn’t yet opened so my doc ordered me up a trigger shot of HCG. Firstly, I haven’t gotten a shot in my ass since I was at least 9 years old. It fricken hurt buddy! Secondly, the shot is basically thrusting the pregancy hormone directly into my blood. So while I feel quite pregnant, I’m not. Fun. As if Clomid hasn’t given me enough nasty side effects. The cool part of the shot is that it forces ovulation within 24-36 hours. My poor husband… I think his penis may fall off from all the baby dancing we’ve been doing lately. So, as it stands, we have done all we can do this month since I ovulated yesterday. It’s on to another fun 2WW! *sarcasm duly noted

I feel it is my duty to address yet another question that begs an answer from my friends- how un-romantic is it to try and have a baby??? While yes, I agree, the spontanaeity has completely disappeared from our relationship it has rekindled a sort of… desire for each other. We’ve certainly had to come up with some creative ideas- you know the sort… music, candles, location changes, etc. It is strange, for me, as I know this isn’t the case with many women who are TTC, but I want my man more now than ever! We were kinda whining over the sheer amount of dancing we have to do, but I subtly had to remind him… Remember in the beginning? Once in the morning, once before bed and once in the middle of the night? What happened to those days!!?! Needless to say, I think this whole TTC experience has definitely brought us closer together in more ways than one and I’m quite grateful for it!

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