Most long time TTC #1’ers will appreciate the agony that is my day today at work.

A woman that I used to work for when I started here at ABC Company (no that isn’t the real name of where I work), has since taken a new “role” as the VP of something or something and is a real “big wig” now. She stops in every once in awhile to visit with her “team”. In a word or two, she drives me bonkers. Tries too hard to be friends with everyone, is a micro-manager, and would stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Strangely, on a personal level, I am friends with her. Her and her husband came to my wedding for crying out loud. She, too, was told that she was infertile but was also told that she would never be able to have children. By a miracle, she gave birth to a baby boy last March.

That aside, her younger sister (my age) got married with a very lavish wedding about a year before me. She just had a baby yesterday. Since the woman is squatting in a visitor cube next to me, I get to hear all of her conversations. In all dozen or more calls I’ve had to endure through today, she has told EVERY LAST PERSON that she is now an auntie, and how cute the baby is (which, uh, is a little scary looking if you ask me). Is it really necessary to tell EVERYONE?? In front of me?

Now most days, the whole baby thing doesn’t bother me all that much. I was slightly sensitive after the miscarriage, but, let it go because conversations would actually stop dead when I’d walk into a room. I can handle hearing it once, twice, even three times, but MORE THAN A DOZEN??? ARGGH!!! Enough already!!! My eyes have rolled so many times today its amazing I haven’t barfed from motion sickness.

Here I thought that I was doing so well this month trying to not think about babies and TTC. So much for that! I’m so annoyed. Maybe its the Clomid.

P.S. On an up-note- I have two dominant follies this month and a few little ones!! YAY!! This could actually work this month! Am likely to ovulate this weekend. Watch out husband, here I come!

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