Big Follie

Big Follie

Well, my follie grew baby!! She was 2.8 on my right and 2.1 on my left!!! I had not yet ovulated so my doc gave me a trigger- which means, chances are, any follicle over 1.8 released which means, my chances of conception this weekend are HUGE. Not only that, chances of conceiving TWINS this weekend have also been increased! YAY!!!

Most importantly, it is my goal this month to remain positive and BUSY. Luckily work is going to be busy for the next few weeks so that will be a nice distraction.

Last night Mr. Joe and I reconnected with some good friends. I’ve known for years they, too have had fertility problems and I really should’ve called her a long time ago. It was SO NICE to actually sit and talk with someone who knows and understands the frustrations that come along infertility. It felt great to get that off of my chest. How great would it be if her and I were able to be pregnant at the same time?!! I pray for them all the time and hope that they are able to make it happen.

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