The Curse of Valentine’s Day

The Curse of Valentine’s Day

As I said last year… what a stupid holiday this is. This year, I happily did not receive any dead flowers. I do think my dear husband could use some training in the romance department. While he did get me exactly what I asked for (a bottle of Happy Heart perfume by Clinique). Instead of putting it in a gift bag or wrapping it, he just kinda… handed it to me. He doesn’t do cards either, which annoys. We did go out for dinner… they screwed up our appetizer order and messed up the final bill. We’re starting to think this is yet another holiday that we want to boycot. All these expectations for a romantic and beautiful day that usually ends up being… less than par. Now, I love my husband more than life itself. We don’t need a day like Valentine’s Day to tell each other that.

I also feel as though I need to make a little comment on the Anna Nicole situation. Firstly, the baby is NOT Howard K. Stern’s. She looks EXACTLY like Larry Birkhead!!! Just take the damn DNA test already. I also wish they would let this woman be buried and let her rest in peace. In the Bahamas.

As for the baby situation, we are again in the two week wait. It sucks as usual. Going through the same “I just know I’m pregnant” feelings. This month I swear I am spending less time obsessing and worrying about every little thing that I do. My testing day is February 27th. No earlier. Can I please have my 3rd cycle be a charm? Please?

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