One More Week to Wait!!

One More Week to Wait!!

Okay- so I haven’t gone as bonkers as I have in months past. HOWEVER. I swear this month is it. My temps are way up (triphasic chart) and although my boobies hurt every month, they haven’t hurt THIS badly since I was pregnant last March! I so want this to be it!!! I’ve already decided that we’ll do an Easter Sunday announcement to everyone, assuming it sticks. Stick baby stick!!!! We deserve this!!!

I was wondering too, is it Murphy’s Law that all the good boozing opportunities turn up when I’m in my two week wait? Went to a party over the weekend, went to a pub, going to happy hour tomorrow… Grrrrr. Now, I’m not a total lush, but I’m much better in social situations with a few drinks inside of me. I’m sure it makes me sound like an idiot, but at least I feel more comfortable.

Check out my Weather Pixie today!!! It is so warm out that she is finally wearing a sweater instead of her usual parka! I wonder what she’ll be wearing when it’s 90 degrees out… Maybe I should find a dude pixie instead.

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