Idol & Tasteless Humor

Idol & Tasteless Humor

I know… this is in bad taste. But you gotta admit. It’s kinda funny.

Okay. That said. Anyone who has been around my blog long enough knows that I am an absolute Idol freako. LOVE the show. Mostly because it pisses me off. I’m not sure who actually votes for some of these horrible singers, but, let me put it this way, if either Sundance Head or Rudy Cardenas makes it through… UGH! They were terrible. I also thought Chris Richardson was terrible. Justin Timberlake wannabe who BUTCHERED a GREAT Gavin DeGraw song. BUTCHERED.

Here’s who I think should make the top 5 guys:
(In order of my favorites):
1) Phil Stacy– SO FREAKIN GOOD!!!! I LOVED his voice. Amazing. With a little work he’s going to really knock this out of the park and his wife was SO CUTE swooning over him!
2) Blake Lewis– he’s cute and funky and original and I like him
3) Chris Sligh– he’s funny and I thought he did quite good (don’t really appreciate that he mouthed off to Simon. Not the guy to piss off on this show)
4) Brandon Rogers– I dig that this guy did back ups. I think he was nervous tonight
5) Jared Cotter– His song was uber boring tonight, but he’s cute. He’ll move on

Who do I think will make the top 10 and SHOULDN’T:
A.J. Tabaldo– Ugh. Boring. Typical. Forgetful but the judges actually liked him
Chris Richardson- he sucked rocks tonight and butchered a fave song of mine
Sundance Head– Firstly, this guy is an arrogant ass and has no right to be other than my dad’s grandpa was some famous blues guy, blah blah blah. Not an Americal Idol and his song was TERRIBLE!!!! He defied everything I learned in 10 years of vocal performance and lessons. He does not deserve to be famous. Learn how to sing. The RIGHT way.

Look for my chick predictions tomorrow night!

So, onto the preggo stuff. I am one week to testing, less than a week actually. I hear there is a big snow storm heading to MN this weekend. How am I not going to test all weekend???!! I’m proud though. I have barely thought at all how much IUI will suck next month if this month doesn’t turn out. For both me and “Joe”. I’ll leave it at that.

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