Idol Chick Night and Ear Infections

Idol Chick Night and Ear Infections

Firstly. I’m suffering from an ear infection. A nagging, jabbing, torturous pain. Would anyone else feel nervous if the NP at your urgent care pulled out a 3 ring binder to find out how to treat you? Basically did nothing for me so I’ve made an appointment with my primary physician. It’s an ear infection people, not the flu… shouldn’t be that hard! Kinda hoping that my provider offers a preggo test tomorrow. Would really take away the issue of early testing! Ha! Anything to get an early result!

Okay. Now on to chick idol night.

My top 5 chick prediction:
1) Sabrina Sloane
2) Jordin Sparks
3) Melinda Doolittle (although I’m kinda annoyed that she has no neck)
4) Gina Glocksen
5) Lakisha Jones (only because she sings and looks like Jennifer Hudson)

I think this is a pretty tight prediction. Now, if someone like Antonella gets through… you gotta wonder who is out there voting for the T & A or the singer. She sucked big time tonight.

We shall see how my predictions hold up this season!!! Bring it!

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