JoKo Bad

JoKo Bad

To my dear devoted Mixed Bag devotees (I know you’re out there!!)… my apologies. I have been remiss in posting lately and am here to make amends.

While my world of TTC is not quite as exciting as it once was while doped up on overstimulating, hormone-inducing, follicle-growing drugs, it is still kicking. I got my first positive OPK in almost 3 months! That’s right- the 3 months that I had become an alien on Clomid never produced a positive OPK. Coincidence that I didn’t get pregnant on that garbage? I think not. Making the decision to toss the Clomid was the best one that I have made since we started TTC. The devil that has been possessing my body for the last 3 months is officially gone. I feel like the real Jo again and am happy. If we get pregnant, great. If not, see ya in Italy in 2008!

Since I am not quite as insane, I can now re-focus on more important things, like, American Idol! Dripping with sarcasm a little, I do love the absolute stupidity of this show. Sanjaya… really… are the American people deaf? He is just plain not good at all. Sundance may have been a weirdo, but when he was good, he was good. Adios Antonella Barba. What did I hear about her latest job offers? Something about being the face of some porn company??! Nice. If she takes that job she can flush whatever dignity she had down the toilet. As for the top 12. I’m not all that dissatisfied. As a non-voter, I don’t have a lot to complain about, but really, I am NOT going to spend my precious time at night hitting re-dial on the phone. I will just pray and hope that stupid sites such as vote for the worst don’t actually influence the voting public.

My predictions for this week:
Who should get the boot: Sunjaya & Haley
Who will get the boot: Phil & Haley

Unfortunately, Sunjaya will stay on and be the next “9 Lives” contestant.

As for now… I must depart as it is indeed 62 degrees out in early March in Minnesota. I plan to whip open the sun roof and actually enjoy a long commute home!

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