True Love: 8 Years of (mostly) Wedded Bliss

True Love: 8 Years of (mostly) Wedded Bliss

A week ago on October 15, my husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.

It is pretty safe to say that I undeniably love him. As most already know, love isn’t necessarily enough. Marriage is hard and we have to work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY. With so many priorities it is very easy to get distracted from simply loving each other. Spending time with each other. Hugging each other. It is so easy to forget about the simple things when it comes to just getting through the day most of the time. Between his working at a thankless job that makes him varying levels of cranky on a daily basis to just being flipping busy, it wasn’t hard to sink back into a rut.

Did I mention I have been a hellacious bitch to him since I became pregnant? While my expectations might be a little high, they are not entirely out of line. I am 29 weeks, can barely walk and yes I have had to learn to start letting things go. Things like cleaning and dishes. It has been fairly obvious when this mama doesn’t “tend” to the house because earlier this week it was a disaster. I could have nagged for help, but I didn’t. My snotty comment of “It’s pretty obvious around here when mommy is out of commission,” probably wasn’t necessary (even if it’s true).

Regardless, he puts up with me. He has to of course, because you know, HE DID THIS TO ME. 🙂

We certainly had other plans earlier this year for our wedding anniversary. We were planning initially on taking a vacation together, just the two of us. We were thinking Disney’s Food & Wine Festival. Rides. Fun. Partying. Um, yeah. Not going to happen at 7 months pregnant. We then considered a drive up to the north shore. Um. Nope. Not going to happen either- I can barely tolerate my commute to work right now. Instead, he sucked it up and bought us FANTASTIC tickets to see Josh Groban and we had dinner at the Union Rooftop. I say sucked it up because there were serious concerns over the loss of my husband’s man card seeing Josh Groban. I am happy to say that he loved the show. Is he going to rush out and listen to Josh all day? Probably not. However, I love that he appreciates talent and Josh certainly has enough of that.

While Union’s food was seriously lacking, we were treated like absolute royalty for our anniversary. I was particularly impressed when our server made a non-alcoholic suggestion for a drink (most servers look at me like I’m stoned when I ask for a non-alcoholic drink… is it really that odd??). We also received an anniversary card signed by the staff and a free dessert with our meal. So despite the fact that the meal itself was so-so, I give a lot of credit for good service.

My tasty non-alcoholic spritzer. No idea what was in it but it was tasty!
Our dessert- carrot cake with a dreamsicle! 

And Josh Groban, well… I’m a vocal geek. He was fantastic and I have never had such good seats to see one of his shows. I was horrifically uncomfortable sitting at a concert all night but still absolutely mesmerized. We did get a kick out of the 55+ club ladies swooning over Josh. It was fairly obvious many of the people at this show don’t get out much.

I wish I could do more and be more for my husband right now, but I’m glad we were able to have a nice night out as I’m sure they will become fewer and far between over the next year.

Here’s to many more years with this wonderful guy!

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