Long Overdue Update

Long Overdue Update

Updates, Updates, Updates!!!!

Well, I’m still not pregnant and still not looking to seek treatment. I’m working on practicing The Secret to bring that to me. It brought me and my husband great new jobs, so it will bring a baby to me too!!!

Yup, that’s right, I got a new job! I am now working as a Marketing Specialist for a local credit union. Yeah, it sounds kinda cheesy and small time, but I think I will get more out of working for a small company than I would a big company any day of the week. I really like it so far and like my co-workers too. The work is challenging and actually requires me to use some brain power. FINALLY!!!! Now, to get rid of the atrocious commute…

I also mentioned a new job for my husband as well!!! Yay for us!!! His job… will financially change our lives forever. Besides that, I think he is going to be awesome at it and is really going to love what he’ll be doing- despite the hard work and long hours. It will be worth it in the long run.

One more important occasion that just happened was my sister’s wedding! After being with her fiance and the father of her children for 7 years, they finally tied the knot. In a backyard wedding. On the hottest day of the year (It was 98 degrees- IN THE SHADE). It was a miracle I didn’t melt. ON the other hand… I was honored that she made me her Matron of Honor and that I got to stand up for her. I’m mostly just happy that she is happy. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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