I’ve ranted before about a radio morning show in the Twin Cities- the Greg & Cheryl show on KS95. Most of the time it is Cheryl pissing me off, but most recently, they struck a couple chords that hit very deeply with me and I may cease listening to their program ever again.

They were discussing Rep. Mark Olson who is currently on trial for assaulting his wife. Radio bitch Ben (that’s right, he does the traffic or some crap and gets their coffee) was ripping him for being “beaten up by a chick”. They think his story is a bunch of crap and were asking for guys to call in if they had ever been hit by a girl before. I was raving mad. Why? Someone I know, who shall remain nameless for protection, was in this exact situation. For over a year he sustained all kinds of physical and emotional abuse from his very troubled girlfriend. She beat him (one time I saw him he had a black eye and bruises all over his body), she cheated on him, she threatened him. Being a MAN, he restrained himself from hitting her because we all know what happens when a man hits a woman. God forbid the possibility of it actually being the other way around. Eventually, he hit her back and broke her nose. She pressed charges. He was put in jail. My point being is that it is NO DIFFERENT for the abuse to go in another direction. We often questioned why he didn’t leave this turbulent relationship- he didn’t leave for all the same reasons that a woman wouldn’t leave an abusive man: threats, fear, and for some ridiculous reason he loved her. After doing his time, he did leave her. He moved away from her and is now finally living a good life free of this abusive tramp bitch. My point in all this? I am fucking livid (excuse my language) that this radio show would even ATTEMPT to poke fun at such a serious situation and very serious allegations on both parts. Shut the fuck up about something you know nothing about.

Now, this isn’t the only other situation Ben the Bitch on KS95 poked fun at. He was ripping on Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for announcing that they are trying for baby #2. Well, Ben provided his childish, stupid color commentary on why would they announce such a thing- because, if it doesn’t happen for them, Ben Affleck would be a big loser and a failure as a man. ExCUSE me???? BEN- STFU (if you’re unsure what that means, it stands for “shut the fuck up”!!!!!!!! Secondary infertility is VERY common. INFERTILITY is very common!!!! Talk about hitting me in the gut with my most sensitive of topics. My husband and I struggle with infertility EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES. Being diagnosed as having unexplained infertility, we simply just feel like failures. Ben’s single ass cannot even imagine what it feel like to experience loss and infertility.

Again, I plead. STFU about things you do not know about or cannot even begin to understand. Is there any reason this guy needs to even be making commentary on the show??? Do the traffic and shut the hell up.

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