Office Gossip

Office Gossip

So, I just started this amazing new job. I get to do cool marketing stuff, we have in-office happy hours on Fridays, my team is cool and overall, the job couldn’t be going better!

Except for one person who is making me crazy. We’ll call her Bertha and yes… I chose that name on purpose as we all know they kind of woman we think of when we hear the name Bertha. She is THE most annoying, rude person I’ve ever met in my life. She’s worked at the company for, well, forever. She’s a no-it-all. She looks over my shoulder to see what I’m working on, and not only LOOKS but comments on my work as well. She is loud and tries to make jokes that are not funny in any way, shape or form. They come off as rude and insulting.

Today, Bertha finally pushed me over the edge… inadvertently. Bertha happens to be best friends with the wife of a guy, we’ll call him Dick, whom I worked with and sat next to at my old company. Bertha likes to tell Dick everything about me. What I wear, what I work on, etc… Well, through my good friend who still works with Dick, I found out that Bertha told him that I am “struggling” with a project. Excuse the fuck out of me???? BERTHA isn’t even on my team. BERTHA has NO IDEA what I do with my job or why something might be challenging (mind you my whole team struggles with using this particular horrendous marketing database). So WHY does she feel it is necessary to tell Dick about this? Your guess is as good as mine. Lonely? Sheltered? Trying to be cool? Can’t find anything better to talk about but to talk about me? I can guarantee it will be THE last time I ever show any sign of weakness or frustration.

Lesson of the Day: Never speak to Bertha again unless absolutely necessary. Try and be sympathetic to those who have zero social skills.

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