Killing Time

Killing Time

I don’t really have a subject for today. Probably just a lot of random babbling.

Yeah, for about 10 minutes of my day today I actually had myself believing that I was pregnant. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m about 98% sure i’m wrong. I hope the universe will give me the 2% hope I have in the back of my mind and keep Aunt Flo away.

I feel I must take a moment to comment on Lindsay Lohan as I’m sure every other blogger in America has done. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t buy into the Hollywood bullshit. I get annoyed that she is a huge story much like Paris Hilton, but at LEAST Lindsay has got some talent. Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, La Lohan can act. The movie Georgia Rule was terrible, but she was quite believable in her role and… well, quite fabulous. For the most part, I just find her horribly tragic and an utter waste of talent and life. She comes from a terrible family, a mother who goes out boozing with her and a father who is a felon. I don’t pity her, I mean… you make your own bed, now go lie in it. I do think it is sad.

Summer. WTF. I may as well live on the equator. Oh how I look forward to my car seats burning my ass off and the humidity suffocating me.

Hunger. I refuse to look at myself as being on a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Does the starvation ever go away? I feel like I may die. Why do I care about being skinny?

Okay. I’ve killed enough time. Rant over!

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