Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

I know I blog and bitch about a lot of things; however none of it means anything when real life and death hangs in the balance.

Tonight, something tragic and horrific happened right here in my hometown. The bridge which runs over the Mississippi River and into Downtown Minneapolis collapsed tonight at 6:10pm central time. To relay how much this incident has shook my world, let me run down the series of events. I arrived home this evening at 6:00pm. I let the dog out, fed her and the phone rang- it was my husband letting me that he was leaving his happy hour. Today was his last day at his job and his co-workers took him out to celebrate his new adventure. I went about my business, started to get dinner ready, cleaned up the kitchen, when my Mom called. Frantically, she wanted to make sure that I had gotten home and that there was an accident on 35W where a bridge collapsed. My heart skipped a beat. I turned on the news and right where my husband should have been at that moment in time was a bridge in the river. Destruction. I felt sick. As if it were a miracle beeping in, I saw his number on the caller ID. He said he’s not there, it wasn’t him on the bridge and he is safe, heading a different direction home. As he was getting ready to leave, he for some reason decided to stay for one more drink. It was that last minute decision that saved his life. I burst out in tears.

It hasn’t been since 911 that I have been so utterly crushed over a tragedy and never before has something hit so close to home. I heard all those stories from New York… the woman who was running late, then man who stopped on the way in to work to get a bandaid for his blister… and now, the “oh okay, I’ll have one more”. Who would’ve thought that alcohol would actually save someone’s life.

I believe that my husband and I have a guardian angel. One that keeps our home safe from storms, keeps us from having a baby before my body is ready, and keeps us safe from terrible tragedies. That angel is my baby in heaven. Thank you baby angel for keeping us safe. I will love you always.

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