It’s That Time Again

It’s That Time Again

You know… that time of the month when I start getting all crazy thinking that I might be pregnant even though two years of not getting pregnant should really make me think otherwise.

This month is no exception. I have no reason to think I might be pregnant other than the fact that we did the deed. Timing wasn’t great, BBT has been erratic, yet here I am about to delve into comparing my BBT chart with preggo BBT charts. Will I ever learn? Or is this just the way life is for me now?

A part of me cares. I mean, I certainly would love to be a mother, but… there is that other nagging part of me which is saying that it is okay if it doesn’t happen. I’d love to say it will happen when I’m least expecting it, but I’m always expecting it!

On another note, my best friend just got engaged to her boyfriend of 2+ years!! CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND!!! Here’s hoping for a Jamaican wedding next fall!

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