Firstly, I just have to post this:

Patriots fans boo Victoria’s Secret supermodel?
Now you would think that a stadium-load of red-blooded American football fans would be more than delighted to see Victoria’s Secret supermodel Selita Ebanks strutting her stuff at the Pats-Eagles game the other night. But noooooo . . . .Word from our spies in the Gillette Stadium stands is that Selita – who was in Foxboro for a panty promotion – was booed by Patriots Nation when she got on the Jumbotron to give away free lingerie. — Boston Herald

LOL!!! Poor little supermodel. Why on EARTH would you try to give away lingerie at a football game??

Second topic. I have always been a supporter of various charity. My friend used to work for the MS Society so I sponsored her in the MS150. I’ve given money to CaringBridge. I’ve given clothes to the Lupus Foundation. I served on the board of directors for my county chapter of MADD (and I was single at the time!!). I even went on two Group WorkCamp mission trips to help rebuild homes in Georgia and Mexico- once as a teen and once as an adult. Last night, I opened up a mailer from Habitat For Humanity. It had some sob story about a woman who is pregnant, having a baby and the only room she had for a crib was in a closet that was gutted out. Now, most normal people would have a heartwarming reaction to this and want to reach out and help this poor soul. NOT ME!!!!! PERHAPS YOU SHOULD’VE THOUGHT ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY OR AN APPROPRIATE HOME BEFORE YOU GOT KNOCKED UP. I know this is not a Christian reaction, but from someone who has a beautiful home, a job, a wonderful marriage… it PAINS me to see that people like this are so easily able to procreate and I cannot. I’m not saying this woman isn’t deserving of a child… whatever. But, I’m sure it was unplanned. I’m sure for the better part of the pregnancy, the baby was unwanted. Of course, these are all assumptions… maybe she lost her job… maybe her boyfriend/husband was abusive…perhaps even rape who knows. Bottom line: This infertile has no pity for this story. I ripped up the letter and threw it in the trash. Next time, send me a letter about a different family or person. An elderly person or wounded vet. Even a family who might have lost their jobs and found themselves in a precarious situation. NOT some story about some person who got knocked up and couldn’t handle it.

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