Spring Fever!

Spring Fever!

I had to laugh at this cartoon after my experience trying on maternity clothes today!!!

That’s right… maternity clothes. I am going to be 11 weeks in a couple days and my regular clothes are really starting to feel the strain. Well… at least the buttons on my pants are! I actually had an awesome time trying on maternity clothes. It was like a dream for me! Besides being pushed into a savings plan (i.e. credit card) which NO I did not sign up for, I had a fun time. The clothes were adorable and I can’t wait to REALLY start showing and shop for more. This is the first day in a long time that I have truly enjoyed being pregnant!! On top of that, it is like 48 degrees out! It FEELS like spring and it feels so good!!

Morning sickness has taken a backburner today and I am sooooo happy for the break. I’m cherishing every moment I feel good!

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