Well, today officially marks the 13 week mark which means…


For the first time this entire pregnancy, I feel like I can finally relax. This is real. This is happening.

We went in for the NT Scan this morning (for those of you… i.e. Gene, who don’t know what an NT Scan is, it stands for Nuchal Translucency and with this ultrasound scan they check for markers for Downs Syndrome). To my great relief, baby is doing perfectly. It was just chillin’ down there, its little heart beating away at 167 bpm. We tried to peek at the gender but little bean wasn’t willing to open up for a look- looks like a 7 week wait until we find out! The doctor even said we’ve got a perfect baby cooking. Nonetheless, I pretty much sat there awed and amazed by what I witnessed. Just 7 weeks and it went from this little blob to a little person. Honestly, I feel as though I am in a dream. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how wonderful it is to be pregnant and what a blessing and an honor it truly is.

This goes without saying that it is obvious that my morning sickness has eased up on me a little bit. I wasn’t feeling so blessed a couple weeks ago when I was puking my brains out. Of course now… it takes all my willpower not to eat my own hand off.

I’m so lucky. I’m so happy.

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    I wish that I was to the point of eating my own hand off, but alas, I’ll deal with it because I know that’s how I’ll be in the third trimester.

    Looks like you’re feeling the same way that I was feeling when we had our NT scan. The little legs and knees and feet and fingers–AWWWWW!! I loved it!

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