Seriously… WTF

Seriously… WTF

What the fuck is wrong with some people. How on earth are people like this able to have children???


Man jailed for microwaving baby

A jury in Texas has sentenced a man to 25 years in prison for severely burning his two-month-old daughter in a microwave oven last year.

The jury rejected Joshua Mauldin’s defence that he was insane when he placed his daughter Ana in the oven.

Prosecutors said Mauldin had a history of violence, lying about being mentally ill and was angry about his marriage.

Ana, now aged one, suffered second and third-degree burns to her face and left side and required two skin grafts.

Part of her left ear had to be amputated.

Her foster mother, Heather Croxton, told the court of the painful daily treatments Ana has had to undergo since being left in the microwave for up to 20 seconds.

“There is no excuse for your actions and I hate that one day you will be set free and allowed to move on with your life while Ana continues to pay for your actions,” she said.

Mauldin’s lawyer, Sam Cammack, said his client would not get the treatment he needs for mental illness in prison.

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    I remember when that happened. How awful. It made me cry back then and still brings tears to my eyes. The mother acted so nonchalant about what her husband had done, it was sickening. Even more sickening is that I believe the mother got off scott free of any charges since she wasn’t in the hotel room when he did it. She admitted to knowing he had violent tendencies and still left the baby with him….

    So sad.

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