19w and Kicking!

19w and Kicking!

It is hard to believe I am almost to the halfway point!! Thank GOD. This Wednesday, we will finally get to find out the gender and I can’t wait! We’ll finally be able to give this kid a name and identity as well as do some shopping. As far as the name game goes… My darling husband doesn’t want to tell anyone what name we decide on! Says he wants to keep at least one thing secret. I think the idea is ludicrous! Like I said, I want to start giving this child an identity (on top of all the cute personalized things that people can get for him/her). I’m just ready to start making it a person rather than just a baby or a him or a her.

On that same token… I’m sure he’s just afraid of unsolicited advice from people (that I’ve already gotten). The LAST thing we need is anyone criticizing the name we choose for our child. I can name at least 2 people who will be pissed if we don’t choose what THEY want. If they aren’t pissed all we’ll ever get is guilt trips. So, yeah… I guess I can see my husbands point of view; however, it is OUR child and OUR choice on the name! Nobody else. The other unsolicited advice came on the subject of labor and delivery. This person had the audacity to question my want and need for an epidural if/when I should need it. I think it went something like this… “I had my children naturally and never needed the epidural. I used breathing techniques.” Well yippee for you! No woman is the same and should I choose to ward off the pain with a little medication that is MY CHOICE. The other comment was in regards to the hospital I will be giving birth at- let’s just say, I don’t give a shit how they treat their employees or the “politics” involved with this hospital system- I only care about quality of care which is top notch. Both my nephews were born at the same hospital and my sister and all of us were treated with only care and respect. Despite that- I have no choice in this. My doctor only does births at this hospital. I LOVE my doctor and refuse to give her up! Those who don’t want to show their face there don’t have to come!

My sister could not have put this any better: Hormones, hormones, whatever, you are the one pregnant, you are the one carrying the legacy, you are the one who is miserable most of the time, they should be kissing your ass. It’s all about YOU. This is YOUR time. That was my attitude during pregnancy, funny how most people forget what it’s like though.

I’ve been a ball of emotions and mood swings for the past couple weeks. Can you tell?

Importantly, this Sunday will be my first ever Mother’s Day as a mama-to-be and I’m so excited and so blessed to finally be able to celebrate.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s and mama’s-to-be out there!

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