Tahiti Around The Corner

Tahiti Around The Corner

So we’re off to Tahiti in just FOUR DAYS! I can hardly believe it! I think I have done about all the shopping possible not only for this trip, but I pretty much have my summer covered. I’m so determined to be comfortable for the trip no matter what it takes. I just have to laugh at all the “warnings” that are out there for pregnant women. I swear, they should just put us in a bubble for 9 months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little boy more than life itself, but some of these things are truly ridiculous. Example… someone said that sunscreen was harmful! Like a naive little idiot I went running to my doctor to ask and she looked at me like I was a moron. She said “I don’t care what kind of sunscreen you wear as long as you WEAR IT.” My hard lesson was learned when I went to Mexico and didn’t lather up quite as well as I should have. I came home with a severe sunburn on my face that BLISTERED (that’s right my forehead BLISTERED) and my right eye was swollen shut. Someone forgot to inform me that your skin can change drastically in pregnancy due to hormones and what not. Well, my skin apparantly got much more sensitive. I am definitely not taking any chances on this trip!! My other favorite is the soft-serve ice cream debate. Now… I know there are some places out there that probably don’t clean their machines up to code; however, I worked at an A & W as a Car Hop in high school and the owners were EXPLICIT on how to clean our ice cream machine. There was no way any bacteria would be growing on it after the cleaning it got on a daily basis (sometimes more if there were more orders). While I’m not running out to McDonald’s on a daily basis for a twist cone, I’m definitely not taking my ice cream off the list! I’ve been somewhat cautious about the deli meats, but I figure eating a Subway (from a very suburban, reputable and CLEAN Subway mind you) is much better for me than getting a Whopper & Fries from Burger King. My other favorite is the aspartame debate. Do you know how much aspartame you would need to ingest for it to cause any serious harm or problems???? I don’t think my daily stick of gum is going to lead to any problems. While I admit, I haven’t been as “careful” as I could be, my babe is doing just fine and great. He’s growing like mad and kicking up a storm. That’s all the reassurance I need!

Other than that… nothing new to report! Just excited to get on that plane and head to paradise.

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