32 Weeks and Let the Inappropriate Comments Begin

32 Weeks and Let the Inappropriate Comments Begin

Well I have now hit the 32 week mark and the pregnancy is starting to wear on me a little.

Firstly, let me begin by saying that I actually LOVE my baby belly. In my humble opinion I think it is cute. I’m sure it will only grow to be grotesquely huge, but as of now, I love it. I love people knowing I’m pregnant and surprisingly I love it when my friends and family rub my belly. The babe always responds accordingly with a KICK! I love being able to not only feel his movements now but actually see them as he moves about and provides my stomach with very alien-like formations.

Now for the not so good parts… This is kind of minor, but holy bladder Batman. I go at LEAST once an hour during the day, sometimes more depending on my water intake and let me tell ya… when you gotta go? You gotta go. There is no negotiating. All this peeing of course is creating some havoc on my sleep. Now, I love sleep. A lot. I don’t even know what a good night’s sleep feels like anymore. I pretty much walk around in a zombie-like state on most days amazed if I get any peak in energy whatsoever. Partially contributing to my lack of sleep is my pelvic pain or as my chiropractor so lovingly calls it: Symphysis Pubis Disorder or SPD. What is this disorder? Only the most painful pelvic pain I have ever known in my life. It has hindered my ability to walk like an actual human (I resemble more of a duck now), getting in and out of my car, going up or down stairs, putting on clothes, and of course my favorite: roller over in bed. All of these things cause shocks of excruciating pain in my pelvis and it has been a terrible experience. All I can think of is- am I really going to be able to do this for 9 more weeks??? Thankfully, my chiropractic sessions have GREATLY reduced the amount of pain I’m feeling and finding more every day that I am able to walk around like a person- I even have been taking the stairs down every day rather than jumping on the elevator. I still look like a jackass doing most other things though. This last complaint doesn’t really cause me much dysfunction in my life other than self-deprication. Swollen hands, feet and ankles are pretty commonplace for a pregnant woman. I want to kick the asses of any pregnant woman who never had this happen to them. It doesn’t hurt (at least it doesn’t hurt me for the time being) I just look like a character out of Flinstones with my giant club feet and cankles- my feet stuffed in to a pair of flip-flops like sausages. Sexxxxxxy!

I just had my first ever baby shower and it was in a word, magical. I never thought in a million years I would be celebrating the arrival of a baby and it was somewhat surreal to open up all these cute little outfits and think that in two short months (or less) that my little boy would be wearing all this stuff. We felt so blessed and humbled by our guests and the generosity they showed us. Of course there are the people though who are COMPLETELY clueless and make comments that really do NOT make a pregnant girl feel very good about themselves. First of all, it was like a million degrees in the host’s house, but I didn’t want to be rude in saying anything so I just kinda huffed and puffed my way through the day- never wanting to whine or complain once seeing as it was nice enough for her to have it in her house in the first place. Well… with the heat comes my favorite swollen ankles and feet. Wearing capri pants, I couldn’t really hide them and before you knew it I was hearing “OMG look at her feet and ankles- they are just HUGE.” I also got a “You poor thing, you look just absolutely miserable and uncomfortable.” NOT exactly huge esteem boosters here. While I know they were just trying to be sympathetic, by the end of the day, I was getting more than tired of hearing how much I looked like crap. Why couldn’t they just lie to me? Tell me I looked beautiful. Or glowing. Or simply: happy? Someone was even waddling behind me making fun of me. At my own SHOWER! My self-image has been slowly taking a turn.

All in all- I’m a strange mixture of nervous excitement over my baby coming so soon. It is true. He is my dream come true and once he is here, this pregnancy nonsense will be a thing of the past.

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