No More Unsolicited Advice Please

No More Unsolicited Advice Please

Well, Jack is now 2 months, 2 weeks old and is absolutely perfect. He is laughing and cooing up a storm now and we are having a blast with him. Sure, we still have rough nights. We still have no idea really what we are doing. As we have found, this whole caring for an infant thing is pretty much trial and error. He was spitting up all the time and thought he might have reflux, so we changed formula to Soy. Ugh. Big mistake. He started spitting up curdled milk with that and pretty much screaming during and after his feedings. We tried lactose free and that was even worse. He got constipated and started pooping up (or not pooping) little hard pebbles. So, we went back to the Gentlease and all is well. Crabby baby gone, lots of laughs and coos, LOTS of poop and longer night sleeps. Our current challenge is getting him to sleep without his crutches- those being his car seat and his swing. By some miracle he is currently asleep in his pack and play and hoping he will give us a nice hour.

We went to his school for orientation. I think it is funny that some people thought it was a joke! This in and of itself makes me confident we chose the right place- a place that took the time to sit down with us and go over all the policies, procedures and anything else we would need to know about leaving our most precious possession in their care. While I am confident that Jack will thrive there, I know that I will be a wreck the first day, and probably for a few days after that. I pray every day that I’m making the right choice to go back to work.

Anyway, it is off to another feeding! Hungry, growing baby!

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    Joanne I’m glad you, your DH, and Jack are doing so well. Sorry to hear about the problems with family, but they will eventually pass. I haven’t had a chance to check blogs in so long and I had been wondering how motherhood was treating you. Take care and kiss that baby for me!


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