You Can’t Be Serious

You Can’t Be Serious

I know I have been a bad blogger which is surprising since I’m awake all the time it seems.

Jack is about 31/2 months old and still, truly my blessing. For all the sleepless nights and evening tantrums, when he smiles at me I can’t even remember why I was frustrated in the first place. I go back to work in two weeks and I am a smattering of mixed emotions. I’m excited to get back to work and start using my brain productively again, but I’m nervous about leaving my baby with virtual strangers. I know he’ll be fine. He’ll learn so many new things that I can’t teach him and he’ll be able to make some friends. Who knows- maybe they’ll even be friends for life! I think the other part of my issue with going back to work is the lack of sleep. I’m still pushing DH to help me overnight, but his ability to sleep all night while I end up with the baby is not an easy habit of his to break. He knows I’m frustrated, but he’s going to have to share in as many sleepless nights as me once I go back to work. I can’t feel this worthless at the office. Right now we are currently trying to break Jack from sleeping in his carseat. THIS is one habit that must be broken. As much as it kills me to give up his 8 hours of sleep for a couple week’s worth of very long sleep training nights, I know he can’t stay in the seat forever and while I have a couple weeks of leave left, I may as well suck it up and get him used to sleeping without that crutch. Funny thing is? Even though he was up all night, he is just as happy as can be today! LOL!

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