This Is My Tax Money Hard At Work

This Is My Tax Money Hard At Work

All I have to say about this story is WTF.

My hubby and I make a very good living and work hard to support our ONE little boy. Guess we know where our tax money goes. To dipshits like this.

The Octuplets Came Via Sperm Donor!!!! And MORE Craziness!!!!!!!!!!!


When you need some juice…..go to the nosey neighbors!

Some savvy reporting unearthed more crazy stuff about the momma who gave birth to octuplets earlier in the week.

A neighbor revealed that the momma’s six kiddies AND the 8 new babies were made with sperm from one donor:

“She is single. She used a sperm donor, someone she knew, who donated sperm a long time ago. He donated the sperm for the first six kids and she used his frozen sperm for these one. I don’t think the sperm donor knows about these eight kids. He was not involved.”

This woman is insane!!!!!!!

The blabber, who asked to remain anonymous, went on to say:

“From what I heard she likes kids, she wants a jillion kids. She even lied to the doctors who impregnated her…. We should find out who the doctor is and where the money came from because this is irresponsible. The girl seemed a little off – and I don’t want to be paying for her kids.””

And, there seems to be some confusion about the woman’s age and her status.

The latest now is that she is indeed single (aged 33) and it is her father that is going to Iraq, to support the huge family.

According to the neighbor, the parents are very supportive of their daughter and even lost their own home in an effort to support her. “The parents lost their house supporting their daughter,” the neighbor went on. “They actually bought this house for her, but then they lost their house supporting her and her kids and they had to move in with her. And now her father has to go back to Iraq to earn more money to support her. Her father either works as a truck driver or an interpreter [in Iraq].”

As to whether the mother herself works, the neighbor says: “She’s a professional student and I want to know where the money’s coming from to do this. Maybe she’s using her student loans to do it.”

This is some crazy, crazy stuff, if it’s indeed true.

Is this why the family has stayed out of the spotlight?

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