The Great Mystery of Baby Sleep

The Great Mystery of Baby Sleep

I laugh quite often at the phrase “I slept like a baby”. Who the hell thought of that? Obviously someone who doesn’t have a baby! For the past few weeks, Jack has been a terror at night. Up every 1 1/2 – 2 hours, crying that never ceases and mommy and daddy walking around with puffy, blacked-ringed eyes. Suddenly, like a miracle, the last two days he has slept perfectly. Like, a baby! Sunday morning he woke up around 7- he is usually up around 4:30 or 5a most mornings. This morning, he was still sleeping ever so soundly at 6am when I had to get him up and ready to go to school. I am definitely not taking these wonderful nights for granted.

I have been digging and digging for information about infant sleep, praying that I can find the answers and the magic potion to get Jack to sleep through the night. The truth is, even the most sound sleeping baby will end up going through developmental things that will affect their sleep. I see more and more mommies in my web forum talking about how their perfect sleeping babies are suddenly waking up between 4-6 months of age. I feel that it has just been one developmental milestone after another keeping Jack up. First it was the discovery of his feet- he loves his feet. Still does. He will try to find them no matter what position we lay him down in- he does all he can to put them in his mouth and gets pissed when they don’t reach. Then it was his rolling over. We were so excited to see him do this, until we realized what this did to his sleep. He’d roll over and then get mad that he forgot how to roll over the other way. This rolling also led to rolling up against the sides of the crib- limbs hanging out all over and the works. He also discovered his love for sleeping with his face flat down. All of this led us to spend close to $200 to safety-proof his crib. We bought breathable bumpers and an Angelcare monitor which tells us if for any reason he stops breathing for 20 seconds. Just when we think we got it together comes the maniac, bloody murder screaming. Low and behold we discover… a TOOTH! Little Jack finally got his first tooth. All the crazy screaming all night over the past week was because of his teething.

I’m sure now that we have THIS figured out there will be another milestone this week.

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