Idol Predictions

Idol Predictions

Well I’m happy to report that last night wasn’t half the trainwreck as the past couple weeks. Still, there are no Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwoods blowing me away yet.

Here are my predictions of the next three going through to the top 12:

1. Scott MacIntyre
2. Ju’Not Joyner (he was AWESOME)
3. Felicia Barton

That number 3 spot was my tricky one though- I think Felicia is a long shot, but I really liked her voice and her look. I think competing for that spot is Jorge Nunez and Lil Rounds.

Everyone else pretty much sucked! If Nathaniel makes it through I will pretty much stop watching. They really need to get a stylist to help him out. Dude can sing for sure but his look totally is killing it for me.

In other news…
Baby: Jackson is now on yet another developmental change. The past couple nights he was been feeling around his mattress at night (he sleeps on his tummy now) as if he is swimming. WTH is he looking for?? Of course he starts screaming in a fit of who knows what. I assume he is looking for his Nuk, but perhaps he is dreaming? Stay tuned… we’ll see how many nights of sleep DH and I lose over this.

Exercise: Waiting patiently for March to be over so I can add DH onto my LifeTime Fitness membership (waiting for his Snap membership to end). When I add him on, I am also going to upgrade us to a platinum membership so I can have access to more locations closer to my office (which I think is ABSOLUTELY STUPID). I am struggling to find the motivation to drive across town during my work day to get a short workout in when there is a gym just down the road from my office (within about 5 miles). I’m not certain why LifeTime decided to do this. I think it is extremely confusing for the consumer and to be honest, I don’t think some of these “platinum” and “onyx” gyms offer any better amenities than the gold or bronze (I currently have a gold membership). Confused yet? No shit, huh? Anyway- they claim that members will have more access to tennis. Here’s a tip: NOT EVERYONE PLAYS TENNIS so why should I have to pay more to have a membership to a tennis facility when all I want to do is use the equipment or perhaps take a Group Fitness class. So annoying.

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