Weekful of Rant

Weekful of Rant

Oh boy. If you want a mixed bag of rant, I’ve got one for you today.

1) I am sick. Again. However… I did learn something new from my online friends today that I had kinda forgotten about when I had to toss out the idea of breastfeeding. That mama’s will get sick and pass those antibodies through their breast milk to their babies so they don’t get as sick. I know there aren’t always guarantees that they won’t get sick anyway, but at least it makes sense why us mommies seem to pick up EVERYTHING after having a baby. Geesh. Here’s hoping these illness durations will become a little LESS after awhile. Being sick is a drag!!!

2) I am a fan, or should I say WAS a fan of The Morning Mashup on XM 20 on 20 (or Sirius whatever??? I so confused). LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicole on there. She is awesome. She is someone I would totally be pals with. Who is the guy though that is such an ass… Either Rich? Or Ryan? I don’t even know his name but his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Or worse. A fork on a plate. He is rude and condescending. 1st comment that pissed me off: They were talking about Kelly Clarkson who appeared on Idol to sing her song “My Life Would Suck Without You” a couple weeks ago. I don’t think it is any secret, Kelly’s gained a few pounds. This jackass made the comment “Kelly was lookin’ rough. Can you imagine what she’d look like if she gave birth?” Ummm. WTF is that suppose to mean my friend?? Can you explain what someone looks like who gave birth? WTF are you trying to say here? I am so SICK AND TIRED of these celebs getting so ragged on for gaining or losing a few pounds. What on earth does that have to do with their talent? Kelly Clarkson is AMAZING. I have always loved her voice and her music since her own Idol days and have never given a second thought to what she looks like. That is so annoying to me. Add the birth comment on top of it? One pissed off morning commuter. COMMENT #2: They were discussing whether or not you should pay extra for a direct flight or if you should save a buck and just take a connection. Jerkoff said “Yeah, I was stuck in Minnesota once. It was the worst day ever.” Not only did you rip on my native home, but… Minnesota happens to have a pretty decent airport. One of the few if you ask me. Decent food, decent shops what the hell more do you want in an airport? Anyway. They lost a listener this week. I’d rather listen to my iPod than listen to this guy’s garbage of the mouth.

3) Idol comments: Am I surprised that Alexis got booted? No, not really. She’s good, but… not that good. Adam Lambert is just hideous- I know people are loving what he did but I thought it was awful. My favorite this week? MATT GIRAUD. He was amazing. Wicked talented. Besides I LOVE the song he did. I am usually a big Danny Gokey fan, but I’m kinda finding that he’s a little too cocky for my taste, like he’s not even surprised that he got through. I hope he finds himself in the bottom 3 soon. Serve him right for being arrogant. I loooooooved that Carrie Underwood performed this week too. She was incredible. What was up with her crazy hair though?

4) I am absolutely addicted to soaps. This is pretty random, just thought I’d put it out there because I’m currently catching up on a week’s worth of DVR All My Children. It has been kind of stupid lately. Kendall is cheating again. David and Crystal are annoying as hell. Boo. They have to work on their storyline. Plus, what is with the ridiculous product placement with the New York & Company bag? Blatant & annoying!! The Young and the Restless has been AWESOME though! Too bad the NCAA tournament is on at the same time the past couple of days.

5) I’m so sad to hear about Natasha Richardson’s untimely death. I’m embarrassed to admit that I knew her from The Parent Trap and Maid in Manhattan, but also knew that she came from Hollywood royalty and was an extremely well respected and loved actress. I know that this is being blown up in the media which bothers me a lot. All this speculation about her accident, that an ambulance was turned away… that someone should be blamed… that helmets when skiing should become a law. She was on a BUNNY HILL. It was her first time skiing. It was an accident folks. Nothing more than a freak accident. I feel like now people are going to go on a rampage and make you wear helmets when driving down the block now. Listen. The truth is, the minute we walk out that door, we take risks in our lives. An accident like this could happen to any one of us at any time and to try to find an excuse or change laws over it won’t change what happened or truthfully, to keep it from happening again. Is it sad? Absolutely. My heart goes out to her family… her sons… Tragic.

Phew! That is a solid week’s worth of rambling to make up for all the non-blogging I did this entire week!

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