Unsolicited Advice… Sorta?

Unsolicited Advice… Sorta?

This is sort of an assbackwards way of giving advice. Should’ve just stopped after the first sentence. 

Just remember your way is the right way no matter what anyone else tries to tell you, because that is what works for you.  It is tough the first time around, by the time the second one come you have the confidence you are doing it right as you know the child the best. 

I’ll allow only one guess of where it came from.

Here’s the deal. OF COURSE my way is right! I already know my child the best and it doesn’t matter whether he is my first or my tenth! Ahhhhhh I wish people would just STFU. We are doing just FINE. We don’t need help. We don’t need advice! We just need to be told over and over and over how adorable our little boy is 🙂

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    LOL – this blog is way too pertinent to what I went through last week. Our first visit back to Cali to visit DH’s family, and my MIL and SIL were just ridiculous with the “advice” to the point where my SIL basically told me I was a bad mother because I don’t feed my baby enough cereal. Drove me nuts, and really laughed at this because I now want to print it out and mail it to them anonymously, heehee!! Keep the rants coming!!

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