This Week in MBOR (That is… Mixed Bag of Rant)

This Week in MBOR (That is… Mixed Bag of Rant)

1) There has been a Rubella case in MN. It caused a stir in the comments section of Star Tribune by of course all of the fearful autistic parents out there about how this article is going to cause people to get vaccinated and there will be more autistic children… Aren’t they afraid of their children getting the MEASLES for the love of god??? I said it before, I will say it again. I will protect my child from deadly illnesses and disease.

2) Miss California… I’m sorry. Was she supposed to be a liar? They asked her POINT BLANK what she thought of gay marriage and she answered the question honestly. I am SO sick and tired of people not being able to SAY WHAT THEY WANT IN AMERICA. What ever happened to freedom of speech??? Perez Hilton has his right to say all the horrible things he says about virtually everybody in Hollywood so why is it that she is crucified when she says how she feels and what she knows and WHAT SHE BELIEVES!! I’ll be the first to say that I do not agree with her- gay people should have the right to be legally bound (married have you in the eyes of the law. Let the church deem what is appropriate for them… i.e. separation of church and state). She may have not said the POPULAR thing, but she said what was in her heart. More power to her. Totally hypocritical to jump all over her for voicing her opinion. Just like a bunch of liberals to do that.

3) I don’t talk often about myself professionally, but today I got pretty ticked. I work hard. REALLY hard. I work for a place that isn’t quite yet “hip”. They don’t understand blogging, Facebook and Twitter. And I am trying to get them into the “now”. Well, we are working with an agency on a promotion (I’ll keep this general). This agency took it upon themselves to start a Twitter page for us. They didn’t call either myself OR my director to see IF I HAD ALREADY DONE IT (which thankfully I hadn’t). He even has us following a bunch of people (that make NO sense to be following mind you), doesn’t have our logo up, and is basically BUTCHERING us. I feel like I had the rug pulled from under me. I have been working MONTHS on trying to put our Social Networking together in a way that makes sense and eases all of us into it (my boss and colleagues are admittedly clueless about how it works). I’m just really angry that I wasn’t contacted and getting seriously pissed about the way some men treat women in the business world. He had no right to start this without our permission. Oh. Yeah. The kicker? We don’t even have ACCESS to it at the office (it is blocked). We can’t even make updates on it!!!! How fucking embarrassing is that????? Ugh.

On the lighter side… My little baby Jack is now 7 months, 1 week old. He is. Perfect. Yeah- we’re having a rough go of the teething stuff. He’s up a lot overnight and is cranky, but for what it is, we know it could be a lot worse. He’s at the perfect age where he knows who I am and even gets excited when I come home. Coming home to see his smile just makes everything else fade away. Not only does he sit up on his own, but he has started crawling (army crawling), we call it scooting. Now we are just waiting ever so patiently to hear his first sweet words.

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