Daycare Saga

Daycare Saga

Okay, so I’ve been a little annoyed with our daycare provider lately. For the most part, they are fabulous. Jack is excelling in every way, shape and form and I’m so proud of him day by day. What is annoying me is more of the unsolicited comments and advice. I absolutely FEAR sometimes bringing up certain things with them in the morning because they’ll come back with something that makes me sound like a terrible mommy.

First came the Nuk. Jack is very quickly becoming addicted to his Nuk (paci, mimi… whatever you chose to call it). We are hoping that if we are able to break him of it now, it’ll be easier. We already don’t sleep so what’s the biggie right? We decided that we would start out small. If he’s playing and having a grand ol’ time then he doesn’t need it. He can have it after meals/bottles, getting ready for naps and at bedtime. I told daycare about our trying this and they totally bitched me out! “He needs it for his teething,” was their response. Are you KIDDING ME? I’m the parent here. You do what I say. Period. I let it slide. I said to at least TRY to have him use it less and less and only go to it as a crabby last resort for him. That seemed to be a reasonable negotiation.

My most recent annoyance came when I got home last Friday night to find that Jack had gone through his entire stash of clothes that we leave for him at school. He spit up at least a half a dozen times and definitely enough to warrant a clothing change (stinky!!). I couldn’t figure out why he was spitting up so much! We tested the waters this weekend. After bottles, we sat him up, we held him, we let him crawl around we let him Exersauce. No spit ups. None. Drooling? Yes. No spit up. So again… what the hell are they doing to him that he’s spitting up? Fearfully, I bring my mommy knowledge with me to daycare this morning and geared up to tell them my findings- that we went through an entire weekend without any spit up. I suggest that they not let him sit up and that crawling around seemed to be the best way to save his clothes if he IS going to spit up. On cue as expected- it isn’t THEIR fault. She said I should bring him to the doctor to be checked for REFLUX. WHAT???? I said- “No. Jack does not have reflux. We’ve been down this road with his doctor and it has to do with his activity post-bottle.” It just ANNOYED me! Again, a total cop-out response from them!

Seriously, and I’m not just bragging because he’s my kid, but Jack is the easiest baby in the world. He really doesn’t cry that much. He’s pretty low key and minds his own business. He doesn’t nap well and that very well might be his only fault. Otherwise, he eats like a champ and he’s such a sweetheart- always has a smile for everyone. Why are they so hard on him? Why are they so hard on ME?

I’m sure I’m just overreacting because well, that’s what Mom’s do about everything to do with their kids. I take everything personally when it comes to Jack. I work hard to make sure that he is going to remain that happy, well-adjusted, sweet little boy. I pray that daycare doesn’t screw it up!

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