Hi. Long Time No See!

Hi. Long Time No See!

I know it has been a long time and I make no excuses for my lack of blogging.

I have been thinking a lot about the things I want to discuss and talk about in my blog. I thought that I should narrow my focus, pick a topic and stick to it. Then I thought it should only be about motherhood and babies. Then I thought it should be about marketing, work and my passion for social media.

Then I decided.

If I narrowed down the things I would want to discuss in this blog it wouldn’t live up to its name: Mixed Bag of Rant! So,  I will continue to rant about whatever, whenever. Just more often.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since November! So much seems to have happened…

Firstly. My little Jack is a walkin’, talkin’, tantrum-throwin’ toddler machine. He is unbelievable! He did recover from H1N1, but he did not seem to recover from his ear infections- as a matter of fact they just kept getting worse. One visit to the ENT and he was scheduled for surgery to get ear tubes. It was one of the easiest surgeries he could’ve had but that didn’t stop me from being terrified. I stood there and watched them put him under and it was the scariest moment of my life. 15 minutes later (felt like an eternity in mom-world) the doctor brought us in to tell us how great Jack did and how awful his ears were. I am happy to report that we had only one ear infection post tubes in early December and NOTHING SINCE!!! Tubes were a miracle for him and we have zero regrets about getting them put in for him. Within days, Jack speech improved ten-fold. It was as if a whole new world opened up for him. It was fabulous. As of today, he has also officially been moved into the TODDLER room at daycare! Congrats to Jack for graduating!

We survived Thanksgiving and Christmas relatively unscathed (no pun intended). Hubs and I hosted for both of our families so as to make it easier on the Jack monster to be on “his” home turf. Christmas is certainly not the lovely organized event of adult past.

As for me, and I can’t even remember when all this originally went down, but I have to have surgery on February 5th. Long story short, there is a small mass in my uterus that they need to remove and test which is causing a host of menstrual problems as well as low progesterone. We are hoping that it is simply leftover scar tissue from childbirth; however, we can’t rule out that it could be something more. The progesterone meds I am on are awful!! Just a dirty, awful trick that they make me feel pregnant when I’ve been told specifically NOT to get pregnant until after surgery.

On another note, my husband took a new job that does NOT require travel! Yay! It also doesn’t require him to work with total assholes either! Yay! Turns out, in a dinner with one of his former colleagues, a VP was badmouthing him at a recent team meeting/happy hour. He was ripping on him regarding a comment he made during our disastrous trip to Tahiti nearly 2 years ago. When asked if we were enjoying the trip, we responded with a very firm NO. According to him, when a VP asks you a question, you are only to respond positively and that our response was incredibly rude. So… what he’s saying is that you should never be honest with a VP and only tell him what he wants to hear? What kind of culture is this ass job creating?? Did he look around and wonder if anyone will ever tell him the truth again? I hope a asinine comment such as that will someday get him canned. I hope that someone told him the reason we weren’t enjoying our trip (had he listened in the first place) was because his 5 month pregnant wife became deathly ill, almost required hospitalization on a foreign island 90% of the natives did NOT speak English nonetheless and nearly had to cut our vacation short. Our responding NO had nothing to do with the company or our being ungrateful for what should have been an exquisite once in a lifetime journey. NO meant that me and my unborn child could’ve died. So for that? I say a big fuck you VP. My husband is in a much better job and much better place career-wise than he will ever be. The irony?? They now have to sell their products to my husband!!! Better watch what bridges you are burning there Mr. VP too big for your britches!!

I have sooooooo much more that I could rant about, but I will save it for another day.


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