Back Again So Soon?

Back Again So Soon?

Yes, it is true! I am here blogging! Shocked? Yes?

To recap the weekend…

Friday Night: I had the enjoyment (or NOT) of watching Paranormal Activity. I am not going to write a full-on review here, but I will say that it scared the living shit out of me. Since Friday, I have literally had to tell myself over and over that it wasn’t real!! I feel like a little kid for getting so worked up over it, but it really was a frightening and very realistic movie. My husband making comments like “What was that!!” over and over is not helping either. I bitched him out big time and told him he needed to stop if he ever cares about me sleeping again. Speaking of ghosts though… I actually do believe they exist. Not only just from some freaky experiences in the past, but because I have seen them in Jack’s room! If you have a video monitor, check it out for yourself. If you watch it long enough, you may just see an orb or two flying around by the camera. Orbs are friendly spirits. I like to think of them as the angels that watch over my son.

Saturday Night: I had a lovely dinner with two of my dearest BFFs. We haven’t done that in a LONG time and I realized how much I missed them. After dinner, my one BFF was playing a gig at a Minneapolis coffee shop (she’s in a band). Before they went on, they were doing “Spoken Word” acts. Poetry. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m an English Major and have a deep appreciation for poets, but there was a guy there that really would’ve benefited more from simply reading his poetry. Instead, he tried to play music with it, attempted to sing and it was a distracting disaster compared to the lovely things he writes about. FINALLY my friend went on and did an amazing job.

Sunday Night: RIP Vikings. My beloved football team decided it would be a great night to choke. The last minute in regulation play was so exciting. I was so worked up- we were sooooo close to going to the Super Bowl. We were that close to a field goal. That’s all we needed were those 3 little points and the game would’ve been ours until Favre got picked off. My poor heart broke in a million pieces. Who knows when we will ever get that close again.

In other news…

Praying for good friends who are having their IVF transfer this week. They are wonderful people who would make wonderful parents and I want this to happen for them!

I failed miserably at my first week on WeightWatchers. Only lost .2. Is that even a loss? I’m not counting it as one. Anyway, I am newly revived and motivated this week to do a better job meaning, no more excuses. I will stick to the plan and I will find time to work out and be active every day. I can DO this.

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