Becoming Mom

Becoming Mom

Can you stand it? Me? For two days in a row?

Today is my colleague’s due date. They are telling her that she could go as long as two weeks over. Do OB’s actually ALLOW that to happen anymore? I guess if baby and mom are both okay… it just seems strange. No way in HELL would I want to walk around 40 weeks pregnant with no baby in sight. I am excited for her baby girl to arrive for a number of reasons:
1) It took her a long time to get pregnant- it was a long and difficult road to baby and I get that.
2) So I can take a stab at running the show for awhile.
3) So I can say I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Okay, about #3. I always laugh when I hear new moms-to-be think their lives won’t change that much. Having a baby changes EVERYthing. You no longer get to sleep. you no longer get to work overtime regardless of how much work you have, you can’t just “run” to the store on a whim, you don’t go on dates much, you bicker with your spouse regardless of the fact that you never EVER used to argue before. Perhaps these things won’t happen, but I couldn’t help but offer a fair warning that a 100% of the time baby is entirely different than just babysitting your niece for a couple weeks. RAISING a child is different. I don’t know why, but it just bothers me that she is completely unfazed by having a baby. Especially from someone who has struggled with infertility for a number of years. Just things like checking into work daily. HUH? Or, that your schedule won’t change when you come back to work. Wanna make a bet? Like I said, everything changes.Of course I care about my job and love what I do, but it doesn’t even remotely come close to being as important as my job of being a Mom.

Rant complete.

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