Sweet Bliss

Sweet Bliss

As you know, I am a proud parent. I brag, I boast and of course I think my kid is the smartest 16 month old on the planet. But, last night he spoke words that melted me and my husband’s hearts: mommy and daddy. No more babbling mama and dada… he actually knows who we are! Small victory maybe, but I loved it. And I love being a mom.

In other news…

More on the mom-to-be who thinks that her daughter is going to be a perfect angel:

She claims that she will be able to take her daughter to any store at any time at any age and she will not cry or throw tantrums. LOL!!!!!

I have no idea where kids get their personalities from- they seem to be who they are from the minute they are born. My husband and I are fairly patient people. We never get too worked up around Jack. Even with us staying even-tempered the kid still throws temper tantrums like I have never seen. I figure that he learned to act that way from kids in daycare- because there is no way he learned it from us! We still struggle with how to handle it, but the only thing that ever seems to work is to ignore it. He will look up from banging his fists on the floor to see if we are watching. It is hilarious! Anyway, my point is, that her kid WILL throw tantrums. She WILL scream. She will NOT be a perfect angel no matter how much you talk yourself into believing that! I just hope she isn’t disappointed when she finds out how it REALLY is when you’re with the baby 24/7.

I also wanted to note that I am proud of myself- I have been to the gym 2 whole days in a row this week and staying on plan with food (I am now a WeightWatchers e-Tools member. Again). I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is a huge victory for me. I’m on progesterone medication that makes me sick, I’m tired from work and parenting and it is hard for me to muster the motivation to go. I do have additional motivation now- the gym I go to has video treadmills- I can watch my soaps while I work out- right on the treadmill! Awesome. Love it.

Rant Complete.

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    Just wanted to say that I admire your gym and WW commitment! The only thing that drags my ass to the gym is the promise of the tvs in front of the treadmills. They are my saving grace.

    I so need to rejoin WW (for the
    100th time) it isn't even funny. Feel free to leave death threats on my blog to get me back on track.

    Your little one sounds adorable!

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