Hard Work

Hard Work

I know I have been absent from blogville lately.

Since my colleague has gone on maternity leave, I’ve been inundated with work. Some of it has been fun, some of it a drag but most of it, downright frustrating. I’ve been praised for stepping up yet in the same breath crushed with criticism of my day-to-day regular work. It is hard to know how I’m supposed to feel when I walk out the door at night. Through it all, I’ve made it my vow to not put in any overtime. Regardless of setting myself up for some huge future success, my heart belongs to my family. The minute I walk out the door after a tough day is like a huge sigh of relief. I’m so excited to go home to spend time with my husband and to see how much Jack has grown and how many new and crazy words he has added to his vocabulary. I feel so lucky. So blessed.

I know there are people out there dealing with much more than I can imagine. Crushing infertility. An online friend whose son lost his battle to CHD at a tiny 16 months of age.

I feel like my problems are petty in comparison and am constantly reminding myself how to shake off the little things and remember to count my blessings. And I do. Everyday.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all my friends who are dealing with sad days.

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